10 Tips for Healthier Longer Hair

Hey girlies,

I know exactly how difficult it may be to grow out your hair, and although it may seem impossible at times, following a few tips will help make a difference. When I was in my teenage years, I always wanted long, shiny locks, but my hair would not grow past my chest area. It would be sooo frustrating! It was not until later on that I understood that everything that I was doing to my hair was actually contributing to the lack of hair growth. It’s time for some of us who claim to want healthier hair to reevaluate our choices and begin making positive changes to our hair care. Trust me it’s not easy, but you will get there.

IMG_4145(Picture Above)

Tip 1: Less is More! This is probably the most important tip of all but it may be easier said than done! Seriously, put the hair dye and curling iron down and think about all the things you do to your hair on a weekly basis. I understand that we all go through life changes and sometimes our hair becomes an expression of that change, but you don’t have to dye your hair every month to express those changes….your hair is NOT  a mood ring! (more…)


Day to Night Outfit


Hey loves,

Today I wanted to show you guys how to wear an outfit for both day and night. It’s very simple! With a couple accessories, a change of shoes, and change of lipstick, you can turn your day outfit into a night outfit. Let’s get started! (more…)