Casual & Edgy


The recent weather here in sunny California isn’t so sunny after all. Some days are gloomy while others are sunny. This week we’ve experienced rain, dark skies….but enough talk about the weather let’s talk about my outfit!!

I decided to pair my outfit with a lace crop top, a scarf, high waisted jeans, an edgy jacket, and my comfy converse. Yes, a crop top might seem more suitable for summer time, but It’s cold enough to wear a jacket yet still warm enough to wear a long sleeve crop top.




Since I’m wearing mostly neutral colors I needed something to spice up my outfit and so I chose this burgundy scarf to add a pop of color to my effortless look.  I feel like this outfit should be worn both during the day and evening if you’re trying to achieve a simple look. For an evening look you can always dress up this outfit by accessorizing, wearing a darker lip, and a change of shoes.

XOXO, Angelica


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