REVIEW: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes


Don’t we just love NEW products? They’re so exciting!!These blushes are the latest release from Hourglass Cosmetics and they are already SOLD OUT online (! Sephora featured them as a VIB exclusive online sale and that is how I was able to purchase them in these two shades. Unfortunately, these blushes are already sold out on the Sephora website as well, but will become available in stores on February 21.


Let’s get to the good stuff! Each Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush is paired up and fused with a shade of the ohhh so popular ambient lighting powders. I absolutely LOVE the ambient powders!! They are very natural looking and may be used for different areas around the face. Without getting off topic—I must say that these blushes are long lasting, nicely pigmented, and must I add the packaging is BEAUTIFUL… Sorry but I am a sucker for packaging and of course for actual quality especially if I’m paying $35 for each blush.


The shades that I chose were diffused heat described as vibrant poppy and radiant magenta described as golden fuchsia. Both of these blushes are some of the darker shades of the bunch, and unfortunately, I’m not certain if the lighter shades are as greatly pigmented as the ones that I have. When swatching these blushes there was a lot of fallout meaning that they are on the powdery side. Not a good thing in my book but they are finely mild and some fallout is expected.


Here’s a picture of the blushes next to each other. See, I wasn’t lying about the packaging!! On the left is radiant magenta and on the right diffused heat.


Diffused heat is not a true red blush as many speculated. It is more of a reddish pink shade but there is definitely pink in this blush. This one in particular is fused with diffused light (“soft, warm pale yellow powder”) from the ambient lighting powders.



Radiant magenta is a blue-ishh pink shade fused with radiant light (golden beige powder) from the ambient lighting powders.

Here are some swatches:


radiant magenta on left, diffused heat on right

If you are interested in these blushes but are a little hesitant because of the price tag, I would recommend waiting until they are available at your local Sephora.  Go in and check them out for yourself! There’s a total of 6 shades and there may be a perfect shade for you. In my opinion, these blushes are beautiful, a great addition to my collection! Two thumbs up in my book! Your cheeks will thank you!





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