A Mexican Adventure

Hola Amigas!


Today I’m going to share with you my exciting and incredible week!! My dad celebrated his birthday this month and wanted to do something extra special this year, and so we decided  to plan a wonderful trip to Mexico! We were out of the country for a total of seven days, the first 4 days in Cancun and the last 3 in Mexico City, and I loved every minute of it!IMG_0909

In Cancun the weather was perfect! We weren’t able to do as many things as I had hoped, but the places we were able to visit were absolutely beautiful.IMG_0930

We stayed at The Grand Oasis. While exploring the hotel I took this quick picture by the pool. When on vacation I like to dress in comfortable clothing appropriate for outdoor activities. These roomy comfortable pants from Forever 21 are my absolute favorite kind! Really love the print on these! I paired it up with this red cropped top (local fashion boutique), black wedged sandals (Forever 21), and a black Calvin Klein purse.IMG_1177

On the second day, we were able to go on tour to Yucatan to one of the seven world wonders built by the Mayan civilization called Chichen Itza. Aside from wanting to enjoy the sun, beaches, and night life, capturing the country’s culture and history was extremely fulfilling.IMG_1222

TIP: When traveling to a place like Chichen Itza, it is important to dress in light clothing. Wear a hat and sunscreen, and drink lots of water (or margaritas haha no)! The entire tour began at 8 in the morning and ended by 7 at night. That is a very long time to be outdoors and bringing  your essentials is necessary!IMG_1217

Here I am wearing floral print pants (Forever 21), a red bodysuit (local boutique), an H&M cardigan, Steven Madden gold sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, and a hat purchased  from a local vendor.


On this night my family and I were roaming the streets of Cancun. I could definitely feel the enthusiasm of the people on the street that night. I decided to wear this black lightweight dress with these nude tribal Nine West heels. We were able to get a taste of the night life in Cancun at Coco Bongo Nightclub a few days later. Oh man! This nightclub is known for being one of a kind and the best in town AND it sure did live up to the hype! It is a combination of a club with its music, laser lights, and bottle service, but it also embodies the essence of a Las Vegas show with its impersonations of singers and reenactments of movie scenes… UH–MAY-ZING!  IMG_1444

Our second tour was to Xcaret. This place looks just like paradise, absolutely breathtaking! At first I thought we had arrived at a typical water park but in reality it is a mayan eco archaeological theme park.

Look what I witnessed at the very entrance– Happy birthday birdy!IMG_1382

Here I am at peace. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature.IMG_1477

Look at the butterflies! IMG_1428

I was very sad to leave Cancun. Four days was definitely not enough time to really enjoy my stay, but Mexico City was surprisingly just as beautiful and amazing in an entirely different way. Being one of the world’s top populated cities, Mexico City was beautifully diverse, full of people, traffic, mariachi, and history.IMG_1874

Visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe. My mom’s dream come true.


La Casa Azul


I was so fortunate to visit Frida Kahlo’s famous blue house in Coyoacan. Her paintings are displayed on the walls around the house and artifacts from her and husband Diego Rivera may also be found here.IMG_1806

Welcome to Xochimilco! This place is amaaaazing! This trajinera (boat) took us on a ride around the canals. There are hundreds of boats floating around at the same time transporting large families. I was so surprised to discover that these boats do not have motors and each one is operated by one single person at a time… I tried rowing this trajinera on my own and nearly crashed! Very difficult task (props to the rowers!).


Check out the mariachi on the left playing for another trajinera. IMG_1672

I purchased this silver necklace and a matching ring from the man above. Him and his family handcraft silver jewelry, and I fell in love with this unique piece. One of a kind, indeed.IMG_1675                                 

What is amazing about these canals is that one could purchase souvenirs, food, flowers, among other things from vendors on other smaller boats. Here are two of the souvenirs I purchased aboard.


El Chavo del Ocho!  


I had such an amazing time this past week! I have a whole new appreciation for the Mexican culture! In Mexico you will certainly find sweet welcoming people, amazing spicy and delicious cuisine, beautifully unique infrastructures, colorful handmade crafts, and stunning beaches and canals. I was very blessed to have experienced Mexico, a truly beautiful place.

Places I would recommend visiting in Cancun: Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Chichen Itza (world wonder), Playa Mujeres, Tulum, Coco Bongo (night club).

Place I would recommend visiting in Mexico City: Frida Kahlo’s House (museum), Xochimilco (canals), Plaza Garibaldi (mariachi and tequila galore), La Basilica de Guadalupe, Zocalo (main plaza)

Viva Mexico!




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