The Green Course Meal

Hi ladies!

St. Patrick’s day is today and the green madness has officially begun. We wanted to show you something a bit different, and since the most fun part about St. Patrick’s day is the green accent, we figured that integrating green into our food and drinks would be the way to go. One of our all time favorite finger food are stuffed jalapenos! They are so extremely easy to make and they taste incredibly delicious. We wanted to accompany this appetizer with a refreshing mojito. We know that green beer is the big craze for this holiday, but a homemade mojito may be the more fun and creative alternative. To end on a sweet note, an alfajor dessert is so tasty and are readily pattys

So instead of spending the holiday at a bar or restaurant, opt out for a night in making these tasty foods and beverage with friends and family!

1. Stuffed Jalapenos

You will need: Jalapenos, cream cheese, turkey bacon, and shredded cheese (optional)

Step 1: Cut jalapenos in half horizontally and remove the seeds inside

Step 2: Put turkey bacon in pan until it’s crispy, after cut the turkey bacon into bacon bits and mix together with cream cheese

Step 3: Put turkey bacon/cream cheese on the shell of the jalapeno, put cheese on top after (optional). Then put in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 min

The end result:IMG_3276

2. Mojito

You will need: rum, lime juice, lime, mint leaves, ice, sugar, and club soda

Step 1: Add three mint leaves and one tablespoon of sugar into glass

Step 2: Cut a lime into four wedges and squeeze into the glass, then drop the limes inside and muddle everything together

Step 3: Add ice cubes, two ounces of rum, and four ounces of club soda. Stir.

The end result:IMG_3271

3. The Green Alfajor

Alfajores have to be the best tasting cookie ever. They are a South American dessert composed of shortbread cookie, manjar blanco (dulce de leche), and white powder sugar. We have tried alfajores from various peruvian restaurants, and although most have been pretty tasty, the best alfajor comes from a bolivian lady named Nena. When we tried hers for the first time, there was a very distinct difference in her recipe! The shortbread cookie is a lot more soft to bite into and the coconut in the dulce de leche adds that extra bit of flavor. Also, $5 will pay for 10 alfajores! Seriously, the best price out there AND they are dangerously good– dangerous for our figure, that is.


To add that green factor perfect for St. Patrick’s day simply sprinkle green sugar to the alfajores and add a mint leaf and a few of your favorite berries. Delish!

Here’s a link to an alfajor recipe

Hope these tips and techniques make your St. Patrick’s Day a bit more interesting!


Rosie & Angelica


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