Bumble and Bumble & Sephora Event

Calling all Sephora lovers!


This Sunday The 241 Download attended the Bumble and Bumble Event at the Vogue Salon in Newport Beach. A few weeks ago, the event was offered exclusively to Sephora’s VIB members and since spaces were limited, we made sure to sign up right away. If you are not familiar with Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, each dollar spent at Sephora will earn you a point. Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you may qualify to spend them on product samples, kits, and even EVENTS! This time Sephora and Bumble and Bumble hosted a private event consisting of beauty and hairstyling services, raffles, snacks, and amazing goody bags for one to take home! Although the event cost Angelica 500 points, she was able to take me as her guest and we both enjoyed the goodies and special treatment!

Since Bumble and Bumble is a hair care and styling company, the event was of course  hosted at a hair salon! The first thing we did was head to the table displayed with yummy food! Really tasty egg sandwiches, fruit, cupcakes, and mimosas were all up for grabs… and hey you didn’t have to tell us twice! After satisfying our hunger, we headed inside the salon to get our hair quickly styled by a Vogue Salon hairdresser. It was not much of a “makeover” but it was still fun and a quick way to learn tips from professionals. Since Bumble and Bumble and Smashbox are owned by the same company, Smashbox was also there! We got a quick lip and bronzing “makeover” from them. Apart from this, Pop Lash beauty bar also made an appearance at the event! Also, free massages were offered for guests to take advantage of but since we were not too excited about the line, we decided to skip on it. Unfortunately, we did not win any raffles but we did get to see the different prizes and they were completely awesome! I believe some veeery lucky girls won twice– yes! Twice. Now that’s luck!

Anyway, here are some pics of the event. Enjoy!


The Swag Bag!ImageImage

The Sephora + Bumble and Bumble Swag Bag goodies:





These types of Sephora events only come around once in a while and if you consider all the perks included, it is really a great deal! Plus, it is an amazing way to experience something new, meet new people, or to even spend some quality time with a friend. If you have any points at Sephora, consider saving them for these special events! We had a great time and would highly recommend it!


Rosie & Angelica


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