The Coachella Guide: Outfits Part 2


As promised, here is our Part 2 of the Coachella outfits we have put together for you!

Enjoy Dolls!

Outfit 3IMG_4314

Angelica:This outfit is completely different from my outfit 1. I like trying on new pieces and I love the outcome of this outfit! Here I’m wearing a one-piece bathing suit and to make my outfit more stylish as you can see, I added a floppy hat and my favorite cat-eye sunglasses. I ended up wearing jean shorts, my bathing suit as a top (to give it more of a chic look), and I also added a crotchet cardigan for a  bohemian feel. Both the floppy hat and the sunglasses are the statement pieces for this look. Since it will be hot, wearing a hat and sunglasses is really smart. You could look cute and polished while protecting your skin from harsh sun rays! Without these two accessories my outfit would be too plain, so I wanted to change it up a bit with a vintage vibe! In addition, I’m wearing a few jewelry pieces like the feather necklace and the bracelet. The necklace goes with absolutely everything and the bracelet is completely different from anything I’ve worn before (that is what i liked most about it)! Also, my pink lipstick and my red bracelet add that needed color factor to the outfit. Tip: Lipsticks serve as sunscreen for your lips. IMG_4334fieldIMG_4685field2IMG_4712Get the look!: Floppy hat: Mossimo//Sunglasses: Tom Ford//Cardigan: H&M//Bathing Suit: Forever 21//Shorts: Forever 21//Jewelry: Wet Seal and Forever 21

Outfit 4IMG_4501Rosie: So this is my spin on a more hippie outfit for Coachella. I feel like a wild child wearing this! I know these types of sheer tops are very common, but I love the vibrant color and the flared out sleeves on this one. You could find different versions of a sheer top at almost every fashion store and the best part… they are so affordable! Instead of wearing a bra, I would recommend wearing a bandeau or bathing suit top underneath like I did.

On the bottom, I wore these acid wash booty shorts! These shorts are actually longer from the back than from the front making them a lot more wearable. However, I still feel like these shorts are way too revealing for my liking… Sorry, but I don’t like my bum hanging out! High waisted shorts are so trendy, but finding the perfect pair may be somewhat tricky. I would suggest trying on different shorts, and not settling for the one that fits “okay”. You want the perfect pair to give you a flattering figure and to still be comfortable. If you have yet to come across the perfect pair, you always have the option of making your own. It’s so easy! Just grab a pair of old jeans, scissors, ruler, and pencil. To be precise, try on the jeans, mark the desired length with a pencil, and once they’re off, draw a straight line across on each leg and snip away. Once you cut there is no going back, so I would recommend cutting 1/2 inch lower! You could also create fringe using scissors, or grab a razor for distressing the denim. I payed around $30 for these shorts, and making your own is free and may only take a few minutes of your time. These kinds of shorts are supposed to look worn in and pretty much destroyed so you could have fun while making them!

My accessories are what really add that hippie vibe to the outfit. The vintage looking sunglasses, the cute flower headband, the old brown belt, the long chain necklace, and the feather earrings really complete my Coachella look.IMG_4552coachella7IMG_4470IMG_4726coachella6Get the Look: Top: Forever 21//Shorts:Local boutique//Sandals:Forever 21//Bathing suit top: Billabong//Sunglasses:Ray Ban//Headband: Wet Seal//Necklace and earrings: Charlotte Russe//Belt: vintage

Hope this will help narrow down your search for the perfect Coachella outfit! So which look was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


Rosie & Angelica










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