Day to Night Outfit


Hey loves,

Today I wanted to show you guys how to wear an outfit for both day and night. It’s very simple! With a couple accessories, a change of shoes, and change of lipstick, you can turn your day outfit into a night outfit. Let’s get started!

As you can see I am wearing a jumpsuit, and lately I’ve been crazy about jumpsuits. To me they are very fashionable and comfortable at the same time. During most days I like to accessorize my outfit with a fedora hat, my rounded sunglasses, and a simple bracelet. I like the fact that the color of my jumpsuit is blue! I don’t own a lot of blue clothing, considering it isn’t one of my choice of colors to wear, but I’m happy with the way it looks.


I decided to wear flats because they are very comfortable, and I think they really go with this outfit (sandals would also be a good choice). I  really like how my flats have cutouts allowing air to ventilate my feet. Who wants sweaty feet? I don’t! These sunglasses are the perfect round shape for my face. They are not too big or too small or too bug-eye looking like most, and the gold rim on the sides make them a bit more unique. I like to wear hats on really hot days like these, and it just happens to add that bit of daytime chic I love. Here’s a closer look at the day outfit…



Now for night, I transitioned my lip color to a red sultry color bound to “sexy” up my look.  I also added wedge heels, a gold necklace, and a red clutch to give my outfit a little spice. I think wedge heels are more appropriate for jumpsuits than regular heels, making my outfit perfect for spring nights. I also added the red clutch to not only dress up the outfit, but to add more sophistication and pow to my plain jumpsuit. What’s amazing about this outfit is that the jumpsuit is very affordable…less than $20! What a deal! Here’s a closer look to my night outfit…

IMG_5429 2


IMG_5421 2

Get the look: Jumpsuit: H&M//Flats: Express//Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani//Fedora: Forever 21//Clutch: Banana Republic// Wedge Heels: Guess//Accessories: Express & Forever21




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