10 Tips for Healthier Longer Hair

Hey girlies,

I know exactly how difficult it may be to grow out your hair, and although it may seem impossible at times, following a few tips will help make a difference. When I was in my teenage years, I always wanted long, shiny locks, but my hair would not grow past my chest area. It would be sooo frustrating! It was not until later on that I understood that everything that I was doing to my hair was actually contributing to the lack of hair growth. It’s time for some of us who claim to want healthier hair to reevaluate our choices and begin making positive changes to our hair care. Trust me it’s not easy, but you will get there.

IMG_4145(Picture Above)

Tip 1: Less is More! This is probably the most important tip of all but it may be easier said than done! Seriously, put the hair dye and curling iron down and think about all the things you do to your hair on a weekly basis. I understand that we all go through life changes and sometimes our hair becomes an expression of that change, but you don’t have to dye your hair every month to express those changes….your hair is NOT  a mood ring!

What I mean by less is more is that the less dyeing, straightening, curling, processing, washing, and brushing you do, the healthier your hair will be. The moment that I decided that I was serious about growing my hair is when I left my hair alone and guess what? It actually started to grow…

  • LESS Washing: I know some of us enjoy washing our hair when showering because we feel completely clean from head to toe, but the more days that you refrain from washing your hair the better. You need your natural oils to nourish and condition your scalp. Also, hair is delicate and shampoo strips our hair from shine and dries out our hair.


  • LESS Brushing: Brushing your hair may be the faster way  to detangle your hair, but taking a few more minutes of your time with a detangling spray and a comb is more beneficial for your hair. When you use a brush, you are  pulling a lot harder on your hair and may cause more hair to fall out. If not use a brush with natural softer bristols, and remember to only brush or comb once your hair is semi dry since hair is more prone to breakage when wet.


  • LESS Hair Dye: I have nothing against coloring your hair, but doing it too often will fry it. Trust me I would know! I have even bleached my own hair in the past… It was difficult to differentiate my hair from hay at one point! If you are not a professional, please don’t attempt to do anything extreme (i.e. bleaching) because once it’s done, there is no going back. Remember that most hair dyes contain extremely harsh chemicals! Weigh the pros and cons of dyeing your hair too often, I’m sure the answer is clear!
  • LESS Hot Tools: I am blessed with a lot of hair, but my hair is not perfect by any means. I’ve always had coarse and frizzy hair, and straightening it on a daily basis, like I did for a looong time, only made it worse in the long run. I always asked myself, “why isn’t my hair growing?” Newsflash! Cutting my hair every month because of split ends was not helping my hair grow. Moral of the story: You’ll survive without your hot tools. Break the bad habits and try different hairstyles such as braids, buns, ponytails that do not call for the use of hot tools. Make it a goal to only expose your hair to heat for special occasions.

IMG_5480Tip # 2: Use Dry Shampoo on roots and shine spray on ends. Spritz dry shampoo on your roots to mattify oil, and since your ends will begin too look dull, apply shine spray to add more bounce and life to your strands …. The secret to second day hair is the balance between these two products.

IMG_5462Bumble & Bumble City Swept FInish Spray// Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

Tip #3: Use oils and leave-in conditioner. Every time after washing my hair, I add a small amount of Biosilk Silk Therapy oil to my hair for added softness and shine. Any hair oil and leave in conditioner will do the trick! Just apply it all over your hair when wet, but skip applying it to your roots since your natural oils will take care of your scalp.

IMG_5495Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment Shield// John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment Leave- In Conditioning Spray

Tip #4: Deep Condition your hair once a week. This is one of the easiest things to do! After shampooing, simply add a small amount of deep conditioner, and leave it on for 5-7 minutes before rinsing! Results? Softer, smoother, and healthier hair over time. Think of it as a facial for your hair.

IMG_5470Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner; Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Tip #5: Get to the root of the problem, literary. Taking vitamins such as Biotin can make your hair and nails a lot stronger and healthier, and it is safe (take small dosage, 10 mg or less per day).

IMG_5501Sundown Naturals Super Strength Biotin

Tip #6: Cut your hair every 4 months. Hairdressers say we should cut our hair every two months, but at least for me, that is way too often. First of all, my hair grows pretty slow so cutting it that often would not allow my hair to grow at all. Second of all, when you take good care of your hair, your hair will be a lot healthier and in my opinion, won’t be need to be cut as frequently. I feel that at least this method has worked for me. That does not mean that you, yourself should cut it every 4 months! Always go to a professional! You may think you’re saving time and money, but if you make a mistake while cutting, you’re only jeopardizing your hair.


Tip #7: Avoid glued in hair extensions. Okay so this is a big no-no in my book, and I am speaking from experience. Taking care of glued in extensions is a lot of work. Over time, washing you hair with hair extensions and sleeping with them will create knots in your hair, and if you’re not careful, using hot tools will melt the glue in your hair and create more knots. Worst case scenario: you’ll end up ripping your hair out or needing to cut chunks of knotted hair from the root.

Tip #8: Always use heat protectant on your hair before styling with hot tools. Think of it as sunscreen for your hair. Heat protectant doesn’t avoid your hair from damage completely, but it does help.


Tip #9: Set blow dryer setting to warm or preferably cold for less damage. The small changes, count!  It may take a few minutes longer to blow dry your hair this way but it is worth it. For less frizz, remember to point your blow dryer downward!

Tip #10: Rinse your hair with cold water. This is a hard one for me but it’s one I have to get used to! Rinsing with hot water will dry out your hair and may create more frizz later, so be bold and use cold water. Brrr.

Would you prefer long, healthy, shiny hair or dry, brittle, damaged hair? It’s all in your hands. What are some of your hair care tips? I’d love to know!






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