The Coachella Guide: Outfits Part 1


So for all you Coachella goes, we have put together a series called “The Coachella Guide” that is meant to give you a few beauty and wardrobe tips for this year’s event. So one of the most exciting and stressful parts about planning any trip (at least for a female) is deciding what to wear. Like most girls, we have large closets full of clothing, yet we often ask ourselves the same question… “What should I wear?” The awesome part about Coachella, keeping in mind the dessert’s temperature, is that you really do have a lot of options.



Pretty in Print- OOTD

Okay, so today I’m having one of those days where I am completely satisfied with what I am wearing. These kinds of days don’t come around very often, but when they do you’d think I’d be going out and putting my outfit to good use… well, that’s not the case today. I’m actually having a very mellow night, but at least I had the chance to take these photos of my outfit of the day.  A few days ago, I went to the mall with Angelica and surprise surprise we did some damage. We have very similar taste in clothes and cosmetics, and so we usually end up influencing each other to buy this and that because “it’s cute” and because we have “nothing like it.” Like most females, we always find ways to justify our purchases as we most rightfully should, right? haha. The pair of pants I will be showing you are a recent purchase of that mall trip, and they were worth every penny! They are the right length, cut and they are not too loose fitting! Plus, the print is very sophisticated and unique. I call it love.

So here’s my outfit! Pretty, dressy, elegant, and perfect for Cali weather! Enjoy.



The Aquarium of the Pacific + OOTD

Hi guys!IMG_3647Today I had a very fun day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach! It was such a cool experience especially when I dared to touch the sharks for the first time! Okay.. so they weren’t full grown sharks but it was still pretty exciting and out of the ordinary. Observing sea creatures and learning about them was interesting, but the most entertaining part was actually interacting with a seal and feeding the birds. In one of the tanks there were a couple of seals, and one in particular kept coming back and flipping around following my hand signals as if I were a coach! It was honestly the cutest thing! Sea animals are so smart and are very capable. We later went to visit the birds and fed them nectar. I know they are small and all, but I have to admit that I was a bit afraid at first, thinking they were going to poke my eye out. Boy, am I dramatic! After a few seconds I became comfortable and fed several at a time and seriously did not want to leave. However, I quickly changed my mind and left once I saw a bird poop on the couple next to me. It was not a pretty scene!IMG_3618


New Hair + OOTD

Hey girlies!

Just sharing another outfit of the day and a new hair update with you! I took these pictures earlier today after getting my hair cut and dyed. I do not typically visit the hair salon, but I really want to gradually lighten my hair for the summertime. Since I do not want to damage my hair all at once, I’m taking baby steps by highlighting my hair every few months. I know it may not seem like much of a difference, but that is kind of what I love about it. My hairstylist knows exactly how to blend the highlights with the rest of my hair making it appear completely natural. I’m  such a fan of hers! Its so hard finding a person who you trust completely with your hair and I believe I have found… the one haha!IMG_3435


Luck of the Irish- OOTD

Hey Dolls,

I wanted to do a quick outfit of the day before heading out to run some errands! Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I HAD to wear green to avoid the traditional awful pinching. Honestly, green is not my favorite color whatsoever, and I only had a few items to play with when putting my outfit together this morning. However, I’m satisfied with the overall look! It’s simple, laid back, yet polished. So ladies, don’t make any excuses for not dressing up today. You can simply paint your nails green or accessorize using a few green accents and you’ll be set to bring in the St Patrick’s Day festivities!IMG_3292


The Green Course Meal

Hi ladies!

St. Patrick’s day is today and the green madness has officially begun. We wanted to show you something a bit different, and since the most fun part about St. Patrick’s day is the green accent, we figured that integrating green into our food and drinks would be the way to go. One of our all time favorite finger food are stuffed jalapenos! They are so extremely easy to make and they taste incredibly delicious. We wanted to accompany this appetizer with a refreshing mojito. We know that green beer is the big craze for this holiday, but a homemade mojito may be the more fun and creative alternative. To end on a sweet note, an alfajor dessert is so tasty and are readily pattys

So instead of spending the holiday at a bar or restaurant, opt out for a night in making these tasty foods and beverage with friends and family!