Rosie’s March Favorites

Hey girlies,IMG_5222

I am back with my beauty and one unrelated (still awesome) favorites for you today! I have been trying different products, and I’m so excited to show you what I have been loving this past month! So let’s get the party started…



Red Candy Apple Lips

Hi beauties!

When I think of the perfect glossy red lip, the first thing that comes to mind are candy apples! If you know me quite well, you know that red lips are my staple for almost every occasion. I simply can’t get over them! You could literally get away with wearing very minimal makeup and still look fabulous by simply adding a bold red lip. Also, red lipstick with blue undertones make your teeth appear like beautiful pearly whites and who doesn’t love a quick whitening?


The most trusty red lipsticks that I typically wear include MAC’s Ruby Woo and my all time favorite Russian Red! Although these lipsticks are amazing and are also decently priced, they are somewhat too drying (Ruby Woo) and a bit too dark (Russian Red) for the upcoming spring season. I must say that matte red lipsticks will most likely always be my top pick, but wearing a glossy red lip may be the best choice for spring!

I wanted to recreate this spring red lip, providing you with the alternative of using both high end and budget friendly products. So whether you want to splurge on this perfect lip or simply achieve this look without breaking your budget, I have the look for you! (more…)

Current Favorites: Makeup Edition

Hello ladies,

Today I have solicited the help of a very beautiful girl named Mikaela to help model my current favorite makeup products. She agreed to do it but only under one condition… an all paid trip to Chuck E. Cheese. I had no choice but to accept since her pictures to me are priceless.

Over the years, I have tried countless makeup products. I am the type of person who loves to try all kinds of makeup and the kind who doesn’t need to run out of blush to go purchase another (hoarder alert haha). To all the ladies out there who also like makeup, we can agree that makeup is artistic and a very fun way to express yourself while enhancing your natural beauty.

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


I have so many current favorite palettes but this one has a distinct quality to it… it smells just like Chocolate!! How amazingly creative is that? I bought it online thinking it was a cute product with an interesting concept. But most importantly, I thought the eyeshadow color selection was neutral enough for everyday wear (Can you really have too many neutral eyeshadows?… didn’t think so). I was sooo pleasantly surprised with the colors, pigmentation, and of course the smell of the eyeshadows!