The Night is Young


I was debating whether to post this look for you today. I actually took these pictures a few days ago around 7 p.m. and since it was becoming dark, the lighting was awful.  I really liked my outfit though, so I might as well show you! (more…)


Highlight Your Outfit

Hi ladies,neon

We all know that spring is right around the corner and all the stores are stocking up on new clothing for the season. I am so excited for the transition into brighter colors and lighter clothing. Lets be realistic— California has year long warm weather so it’s not much of a transition, but the beginning of a new season still calls for change. One of my all time favorite colors that I love to incorporate into outfits is bright neon green! In my opinion, this color is perfect for spring and it simply makes such a statement and adds that pop to any outfit.

I came up with the idea to incorporate the colors black, white, and neon green into three spring outfits. This was a challenge in itself for me, but I was very lucky to find all these clothing pieces hanging in my closet! (more…)